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Expert of Fiberglass Backing Pad

Humei Abrasives, starting to manufacture fiber galssbacking pad since 2015, one of the most professional and competitive factories in China.

The team of Huamei rooted from the abrasive industry for more then 14 years, especially coated abrasive converting section.

Humei invested on resin impregnate machines, punching machines, backing ovens, and especially automatic metal bush installation machines gives a strengh to Huamei.A good package is creating value for customers, we care about cartons, label, make sure offering the value to our customers. 

Our goal,  Supplying qualified products to customers in time.


What Our Customers Saying ?

We have been purchsing huamei fiber glass fiber pad since 2018, we always require good raw material of fiber glass mesh to make the pad. Huamei did it. There are many different suppliers of fiber glass mesh in China, huamei choose the good ones to make sure the backing pad is quality enough to make flap disc.

Good Raw Material

We are in the inland of Russia, normally takes long time to get goods by trian from China. The logistics takes precedures, but huamei abrasives offers us fiberglass backing pad in time, not delayed. This is a great saving of time for us.

Fast Delivery

Huamei abrasvies is one of the most prfesionall fiberglass backing pad makers in China, they are abrasive people. They know the detailed needs of flap disc manufatuers in China and the world. We have a lot of specified requirment for fiber glass needs, for example, what kind of fiberglass mesh, the resin or the label, huamei can saftisfy us. we had a good and stable cooperation since 2015.

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